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Immersive Narratives: Guest Lecture by Prof. David Bassuk

Am June 23, 2022
von 20:45 bis 22:15

Hörsaal 013, Fh Salzburg Urstein


The restructuring of story design is in progress across the media landscape. Narrative is being reinvented and rediscovered, opening doors to new opportunities every day, from building virtual worlds and augmented reality designs to creating real life immersive environments intended for story. Innovative creatives are engaging audiences with “player-focused” immersive narrative designs often with new technologies involving combinations of transmedia, games, and virtual aesthetics. This a lecture that offers a detailed overview of multiple projects that combine both immersive and experience designs to generate audience centered narratives that link digital, virtual, and physical worldbuilding. Immersive narrative design principles combined with experience design values can use player agency to provoke profound connections and even personal transformation.

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