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Node Congress 2023

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Am April 14, 2023
von 13:50 bis 21:30

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Get up to date with all modern JavaScript backend runtimes and best practices in scaling and maintaining your apps with established solutions. Meet the driving force and people behind Node.js, Deno, Cloudflare workers and learn about upcoming trends in the full-stack JavaScript space.

Student Ticket: 150€ !!!!

For the first time, we meet in person in Berlin on April 14 and expand our learnings on April 17 remote day. Meet industry top engineers, open-source authors, and contributors. Learn about cutting-edge technology. Get better as a backend and full stack engineer, get inspired, and meet new friends and new opportunities.

In addition to the conference be ready for additional side activities: hands-on workshops, pre and after-parties, retro gaming museum tours, and much more.

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