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Web Performance Measurement meets React

Stempel mmtweb

Am December 06, 2023
von 18:30 bis 19:30

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Keerthana Krishnan is a software engineer based in Munich, Germany. She has 4+ years of experience, mainly as a front-end web developer. She's also an experienced technical speaker who has previously presented at events like JS Conf Asia.

Keerthana Krishnan
Keerthana Krishnan

React has climbed the ranks to be the darling of developers everywhere when looking at a JS framework for front-end development. But as its popularity increases, do people really know the right way to use React? New evidence shows that despite its perks, websites written in React rank lower than average when comparing performance metrics.

This talk explores the key questions of React performance:

This presentation is React-specific and mainly focused on web applications but has some takeaways for other frameworks and mobile app developers as well.

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