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Running Services at Scale

Stempel mmt

Am April 16, 2024
von 17:00 bis 18:30

HS 110


So you know how to set up a web site or a game for a handful of users. But what does it take to scale this up, to run services at Google Scale?

Sebastian Schaffert has been working at Google for more than 10 years now. His current roles is "Director of Engineering (Information Retrieval Site Reliability Engineering)". He leads ~70 software and system engineers, responsible for the entire Search backend infrastructure ranging from Data Acquisition (crawling) over Data Processing, Semantic Understanding, and Indexing to Serving (Google's Search Index). Beyond Websearch, the services they manage are also supporting the search in many other Google products like Youtube, Maps, Gmail, Drive, etc.

He does all this remotely from his home in the bavarian mountains.

In this talk he will give students insight into the organisational and technical challenges of running services at Google scale.

(du to technical problems at the fh we switched to on-site-only)

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