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Christian Hübel - How outstanding game products find an audience

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Am May 08, 2024
von 17:00 bis 18:30



To make outstanding products that find an audience, user experience and user psychology need to be acknowledged. This talk features a primer in UX and psychology, showing many of the physiological and psychological factors that can be taken into account when designing and marketing. After talking about the general human factors governing our experiences, we move on to discuss inter- and intrapersonal differences, why accessibility is important and how best to design with UX and accessibility in mind at all times.

About Christian Hübel: Christian has a background in 3D and a master's degree in psychology. After working for some VR companies and being a freelance consultant on everything UX and user research related in the games industry, he is now working with a small team on his debut indie title "Herdles".

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